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Analysis of Diesel Generator Oil Entering Combustion Chamber

Dec. 12, 2022

The engine oil of the generator enters the combustion chamber. In fact, each component and oil of the unit has its specific role, so the oil entering the combustion chamber will inevitably cause some failures. So today we are going to introduce the analysis of oil entering the combustion chamber.

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We all know the working principle of Starlight generator. There are two ways for Starlight generator oil to enter the combustion chamber: one is between the piston and the inner wall of the cylinder; The second is between the air valve and the pipe. In general, oil is easy to enter the combustion chamber from the piston to the inner wall of the cylinder, mainly because there is a certain gap between the piston ring and the ring groove. When the piston moves up and down, the piston ring can bring oil into the combustion chamber through the inner wall of the cylinder.

If the piston ring is stuck in the piston ring groove due to carbon deposit, the piston ring is broken, the piston ring is aged, or the cylinder wall is subject to cylinder scuffing, the engine oil is more likely to enter the combustion chamber, so that the carbon deposit on the surface of the combustion chamber components is likely to increase when the generator is working.

The parts that are easy to form carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the generator mainly include: the bottom of the cylinder head, the external surfaces of the gas valve and valve seat, the top of the piston, the upper part of the cylinder liner, the first piston ring, the inside of the inlet and exhaust ports, and the head of the fuel injector.

When there is too much carbon deposit attached to these parts, the normal operation of Starlight Generator will be affected. If there is too much carbon deposit in the exhaust duct, the exhaust resistance will be increased, which will lead to the unclean exhaust gas emission, and the Starlight generator will not generate the original power;

When there is too much carbon in the intake port, it will increase the intake resistance and affect the amount of air entering the combustion chamber; When there is too much carbon deposit on the surface of the intake and exhaust valve seats, it can directly affect the tightness of the combustion chamber.

If too much carbon is deposited on the first piston ring of Starlight generator, the piston ring will be stuck in the ring groove and lose its sealing effect, which will lead to the increase of carbon deposition on the second, third and fourth piston rings and loss of sealing effect.

In this way, the high-temperature gas will directly rush into the crankcase through the gap between the cylinder and the piston. This not only worsens the combustion in the combustion chamber, but also locks the piston on the inner wall of the cylinder in serious cases. Therefore, the carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber must be removed.

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