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Analysis and Inspection Method of Volvo Generator Set Failure

Aug. 18, 2021

Volvo generator set diesel engine failure can be judged according to the abnormal sound. Use a macaroni screwdriver or a half-meter-long thin iron bar with one end sharpened to make a "needle judgment", one end is attached to the ear, the other end is The surface of each inspection part can be more clearly monitored where the abnormal sound is generated, and the size and nature of the sound. The sound produced by different parts is often different. For example, if the main bearing clearance is too large, the impact sound is dull, and the impact sound of the valve and the piston is crisp. If the flywheel keyway is loosened, it will make a "hes! Hs!" impact sound.

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Use local stop method to judge. After failure analysis, if you suspect that the failure is caused by a certain cylinder, you can stop the cylinder and observe whether the failure phenomenon disappears, so as to determine the cause and location of the failure. For example, if the diesel engine emits black smoke, it is analyzed that the nozzle hole of a certain cylinder is blocked, and the fuel supply to the cylinder can be stopped. If the black smoke disappears, the judgment is correct.

Use the comparative method to judge. According to the failure analysis, it is suspected that the failure may be caused by a certain part or component. You can replace the component (or component) with a new one, and then start and run the diesel engine to see if there is any change in the working conditions before and after the diesel engine. In order to find out the cause of the failure.

Use heuristics to judge. It is difficult to judge for a while based on the analysis of the cause of the fault. You can change the technical status in a local area and observe whether the working performance of the Volvo generator set diesel engine is affected, so as to judge the cause of the fault. For example, a diesel engine cannot deliver the specified power, and it is suspected that a certain cylinder pressure stroke is insufficient due to the large seal between the cylinder and the piston. At this time, the cylinder head is opened and a small amount of oil is injected into the cylinder to improve the sealing condition. If the cylinder head is good, if the pressure increases and the output power increases, the analysis is correct.

After long-term use of Volvo generator set diesel engines, there are many failures. Due to the different models of diesel engines, domestic and imported diesel engines have different structures and operating environments, the reasons are also different. Therefore, when dealing with the same problem, correct Specific issues should be analyzed in detail according to different situations. Correctly analyzing and judging the cause of a diesel engine failure is a meticulous task. It should not be dismantled indiscriminately before the cause of the failure is clarified. This will not only eliminate the failure, but also may fail to achieve the result when assembling and disassembling the components. Technical requirements cause new failures.

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