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Adjust The Valve Gap of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 15, 2022

During the working process, the valve stem of Cummins diesel generator set will stretch under the influence of thermal expansion, resulting in the untight closing of the valve. This requires a proper clearance between the tappet and the valve stem, which is called the valve clearance. The adjustment of valve clearance of Cummins diesel generator set is not random, and the details need your attention.

generator cummins

First, insert the timing pin at the rear end of the gear housing cover into the hole on the back of the camshaft gear. This position is the first cylinder compression of the engine_ L Stop mark, then pull out the timing pin, adjust the intake and exhaust valves of cylinder 1, cylinder 2, cylinder 3, cylinder 4 and cylinder 5; Then turn the crankshaft 3600 and adjust the remaining valves to make the inlet valve clearance reach 0.25 mm and the exhaust valve clearance reach 0.49 mm in cold state.

During adjustment, loosen the fixing nut of the valve adjusting screw, insert the thickness gauge with the specified thickness between the tail end of the valve stem and the valve rocker arm, screw the adjusting screw with a screwdriver with one hand, and pull the thickness gauge slightly with the other hand. When the thickness gauge is slightly affected by resistance, it indicates that the clearance has been adjusted correctly. At this time, insert the feeler gauge into the center of the valve clearance to keep the adjusting screw still, and tighten the fixing nut to lock the adjusting screw. After locking the screw, re measure the valve clearance with a feeler gauge, because the adjusting screw may be turned unintentionally when locking the nut to change the valve clearance. If the valve clearance changes, readjust it until it is correct.

After the valve clearance is adjusted, the cylinder head cover and other components shall be reinstalled, and the engine shall be started for inspection to check whether the valve has abnormal sound. If the valve makes abnormal noise, the valve clearance should be checked and adjusted again.

Have you mastered all the above details about the adjustment of valve clearance of Cummins diesel generator set? Jiangsu Starlight reminds you that if the valve clearance is too large, it will lead to poor exhaust and insufficient inflation, which will lead to the reduction of engine power, and if the clearance is too small, there will also be air leakage, which will burn the working surface of the valve and valve seat, which shows the importance of reasonable adjustment of the valve clearance.

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