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About Half Of Diesel Generator Set Failures Are Due To Battery Damage

Sep. 02, 2022

The starter battery is the power supply device that starts the operation of the generator. When the diesel generator set is started, it is required that the battery can supply low voltage and high current (200~600A) to the starter motor in a short time. After the diesel generator set works, the generator can supply power to the electrical equipment and charge the battery at the same time. When the diesel generator set is at low speed or stopped, the output voltage of the generator is insufficient or stops working, and the battery can supply the required current to the electrical equipment of the diesel generator. According to Starlight's maintenance experience over the years, in many cases, about half of diesel generator failures start with a bad battery. Mastering battery maintenance and replacement is not only critical to reliable operation, it can reduce the need to call emergency services to fix your system.


Test your diesel generator battery.

Be sure to test the battery voltage with a properly calibrated and grounded voltmeter. You should also take a close look at current and previous load test results to determine if the battery is operating within acceptable limits or if it is trending downward. Keep in mind that if the voltage drops below 11.5Vdc and cannot recover when a load is applied to the battery, it is definitely a sign that your battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.


Finally, if you're using a trickle charger, make sure the battery isn't overcharged. If the battery is overcharged, it may cause permanent, irreversible damage to the battery, which needs to be replaced in time to protect the generator from damage.


A quality battery is a sound investment.

Batteries are expensive, and good batteries are priceless. While it may be tempting to save a few bucks by buying a cheap battery, we highly recommend purchasing quality components for your generator system. While you may spend more on high-quality batteries, the investment is only a fraction of what you can lose due to lost productivity, lost inventory, and damaged gensets.


Of course, even the best batteries wear out over time. Most generator batteries will provide two to three years of reliable performance. Of course, this depends on the operating environment, operating hours, the age of the generator, and any unresolved generator system maintenance issues.


diesel generator

Battery inspection.

During normal use, the user needs to regularly check the height of the electrolyte inside the battery. Under normal circumstances, the liquid level of the electrolyte should be 10~15mm higher than the electrode plate, and attention should also be paid to the density of the electrolyte and the voltage of the battery terminals. The density of the electrolyte should be adjusted appropriately according to different seasons. In winter, the ambient temperature is low. In order to prevent the battery from being frozen, the density of the electrolyte should be appropriately increased. The ambient temperature in summer is high. In order to reduce the corrosion degree of the electrolyte to the plates and separators, the density of the electrolyte should be appropriately reduced.


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