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Abnormal Sound of Connecting Rod Bearing of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 22, 2021

How do you think about diagnosing and dealing with abnormal noise of connecting rod bearing of diesel generator set? The connecting rod bearing is an indispensable accessory in the diesel generator set. It can support the mechanical rotation of the entire diesel generator set and reduce the damage caused by the friction of the diesel generator set. However, users sometimes hear "dangdangdang" noises when they suddenly accelerate when using diesel generator sets. When the speed and load increase, the noise also increases. How to diagnose and deal with this situation?

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Today we will give you a brief explanation. First, check the oil gauge pressure. If it is too low and accompanied by a "Dangdangdang" sound, you should check it further. Open the oil filler port cover, insert the stethoscope into the oil filler port when there is a stethoscope, you can hear the knocking sound, in severe cases, it can be heard near the diesel engine, and the sound is more prominent when it accelerates suddenly. Increase the speed of the diesel generator set slightly to avoid the rough noise when idling, and listen carefully for each cylinder cut off. If the sound is reduced after the fuel cut off, and then the fuel is quickly supplied with a sound of "dang", it means that the cylinder is connected. The rod bearing is loud.

If the engine speed of the diesel generator set increases to medium speed, the noise is loud, and the oil pressure gauge indicates that the pressure drops, stop and check. After the engine cools down, release the crankcase oil, remove the oil pan, and push the connector up and down by hand. Rod bearing, check the bearing for looseness on a cylinder-by-cylinder basis. Disassemble the loose connecting rod bearing cap to check whether the bearing is lack of oil, burnt, oil hole blockage, oil collector blockage, oil pipe rupture, etc., which should be dealt with separately according to the situation.

If the bearing is burned out, replace it with a new one. When replacing it, pay attention to grind the crankshaft journal with oil stone, and then polish it with fine sanding; if the crankshaft tubing is blocked, remove the bearing cap and poke with a thin wire to remove dirt; The filter collector is blocked and can be removed and cleaned; if the connecting rod bearing is too long or too short, it is usually caused by not replacing the connecting rod bearing of the same specification as required during repair.

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