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Which Diesel Engine Is Ideal Matching Power For 1000-1800kW Generators?

Oct. 18, 2019

Yuchai YC12VC Series G-drive Diesel Engine is ideal matching power for 1000-1800Kw generators.  

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1951, is the biggest production base of internal-combustion engine in China. Main product is diesel engine, having light, medium and heavy type 12 series multi cylinder diesel engine, becoming the preferred auxiliary power of main trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery in China with the characteristic of high horsepower, large torsion, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise. Yuchai engine is ranked first in power generation industry field, accounting for 35% on the market. Yuchai diesel generator includes the series of YC4D, YC6B, YC6A, YC6L, YUG, YC6M/YC6MK, YC6T, YC6C, YC12VC/YC16VC etc. In this article, we mainly talk about YC12VC series diesel engine. In this article, we mainly talk about YC12VC series diesel engine.

Yuchai YC12VC series diesel engine technical parameters:








Vertical, V-type, water-cooling, four-stroke

Air intake

Supercharged and mid-cooling

Cylinders x bore x stroke(mm)


Displacement (L)


Compression ratio


Prime power/ speed

(Kw/ R/min)






Standby power/speed

(Kw/ R/min)






Min. fuel consumption

G/ (Kw.h)


Engine oil capacity

(dry engine)



Engine’s fuel ratio


Start mode

Electric start

Fuel system

Electronic unit pump


≤106 Lp dB(A)


GB 20891-2014 stage III

Dimension(L x W x H)

3320 mm X 1644 mm X 2379 mm

Dry weight of diesel engine

8380Kg ( without radiator)

Matching unit



YC12VC series Yuchai diesel engine brief introduction:

YC12VC series engine developed independently by Yuchai, is a classic product. It is characterized by energy-saving and environment-friendly, excellent performance, compact structure, and reliability and durability; the indexes, such as pollutant emission, dynamic performance, economy, and reliability, reach the international advanced level.

Yuchai YC12VC2700-D31 diesel engine

What is the characteristics of YC12VC series generator set?

1.Electronic unit pump, four-vale structure, high-efficient turbocharged intercooled, and Yuchai combustor technologies are adopted for realizing low fuel consumption, less emission, outstanding speed governing performance, and fast and high-quality loading;

2.High-strength material, reinforced gird structure with cambered surface, 4-bolt main bearing structure, are adopted for the engine body; thus the engine body is characterized by high stiffness, slight vibration, and low noise;

3.The crankshaft is made of high-quality alloy steel by using all fiber extrusion forging process, and the journal and cirular bead are subject to quenching heat treatment for improving wear resistance and prolonging service life;

4.The world-class equipment and technologies are used for production; thus, the quality of such model is stable and reliable;

5.The structure of one head for one cylinder is adopted; maintenance window is set at the side of the engine body, which ensures easy maintenance;

6.Requirement for Grade G3 generator unit performance is satisfied.

Base on the advantages of Yuchai diesel engine: wide range of power, high cost-effective, low fuel consumption, sustained durability, reliable, good adaptability on highland and low noise etc. Starlight customers are prefer to choose Yuchai diesel generator set. Feedback from customers about generating set is very good all the time, especially on low fuel consumption, sustained durability and good adaptability on highland.

Yuchai diesel generator set

Some representative projects of Yuchai YC12VC series diesel generators:

1.The 3×1600kW fully-automated parallel generating set with YC12VC2510-D31 engine has serviced the data center of Guangxi Public Security Bureau since March 2016 and has been working properly.

2.The 3 ×1800kW genest with YC12VC2700-D31 used in Shenzhen Chaozhou Telecom Hub Center, the generator formally passed the acceptance in November 2016 and was put into operation.

3.The 1500kW generators with YC12VC engine in line with T3 emission requirements was used in the project of GUODIAN Nanjing Automation Co., LTD in Nima County, Tibet (5000 meters above sea level), and has passed the acceptance in December 2016. The unit has successfully completed the grid connection test carrying 1000kW load.

4.The 1000-1600kW generating unit with YC12VC engine has been applied in the large hospitals in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Shanxi, Jiangxi, China etc., and more than 10 sets are retained in the medical system.

 Yuchai diesel generator set

Yuchai group uses no precise casting molding technology, produces high-quality cylinder block and cylinder head castings with thin wall, light weight, high strength excellent performance etc., it laid a solid foundation for Yuchai to produce the world-class stage six engine. The service areas are all over the world, having more than 700 marine power service station in domestic, provides professional and high-effect service for customers. Besides, there are 14 offices, 169 agents and 460 service station in Asia, USA, Africa and Europe. 

Since 2015, Starlight has established a good partnership and became (OEM) supporting factories and technology with Yuchai group. Starlight will provide the best service and generators to customers all the time. 

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