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Volvo Penta Generator General Information and Introduction

Oct. 18, 2019

General Information

This service manual contains technical data, descriptions and maintenance and repair instructions for standard model Volvo Penta products. A list of these products may be found in the section Specifications.


The product designation and the serial number and specification is indicated on the engine decal or type plate. This information must be included in all correspondence regarding the product.


The service manual is produced primarily personal. It is assumed that any person using the Service Manual has a fundamental knowledge of the product and is able to carry out mechanical and electrical work to trade standard.


Volvo Penta continually develops its products, we therefore reserve the right to make changes. All information in this manual is based on product data which was available up to the date on which the manual was printed. New working methods and significant changes introduced to the product after this data are communicated in the form of Service bulletins.


Spare Parts


Spare parts for the electrical and fuel systems are subject to various national safety standards. Volvo Penta Original Spare Parts meet these standards. No damage of any kind caused by the use of spare parts not approved by Volvo Penta will be compensated by any warranty undertaking.


About this workshop manual

Certified engines

When carrying out service and repair on emission certified engines, it is important to be aware of the following:

Certification means that an engine type has been inspected and approved by the relevant authority. The engine manufacturer guarantees that all engines of the same type are manufactured to correspond to the certified engine.

This places special demands on service and repair work, namely:


Maintenance and service intervals recommended by Volvo Penta must be complied with.

Only spear parts approved by Volvo Penta may be used.

Service on injection pumps, pump settings and injectors must always be carried out by an authorized Volvo Penta workshop.

The engine must not be converted or modified, except with accessories and service kits which Volvo Penta has approved for the engine.

No changes to the exhaust pipe and engine air inlet duct installations may be made.

No warranty seals (where present on the product) may be broken by unauthorized persons.


The general instructions in the Operators Manual concerning operation, service and maintenance apply.


Neglected or poorly-performed care/service and the use of spare parts not approved by Volvo Penta, will mean that AB Volvo Penta no longer guarantees that the engine conforms to the certified model.

Volvo Penta accepts no responsibility for damage or costs arising as a result of failure to follow the above mentioned standards.



The working methods described in this manual are based on a workshop scenario where the product is mounted in a holding fixture. Maintenance work is often carried out on site, in which case-if nothing else is indicated-using the same working methods as the workshop.


Warming symbols that occur in the service manual. For significance, refer to Safety Information.


Important! Notice!

Are by no means comprehensive since not everything can be foreseen as service work is carried out in the most varied of circumstances. We call attention to risks that may occur due to incorrect handing during work in a well-equipped workshop using working methods and tools tried and tested by us.


The service manual describes work operations carried out with the aid of Volvo Penta Special Tools are designed to ensure the safest and most rational working methods possible. It is therefore the responsibility of anyone using tools or working methods other than those we recommend to ensure that no risk of personal injury or mechanical damage is present, or that malfunction can result.


In some cases, special safety regulations and user instructions may be in force for the tools and chemicals mentioned in the Service Manual. These regulations must always be followed, and no special instructions regarding this are to be found in the Service Manual.


By taking these basic precautions and using common sense it will be possible to guard against most elements of risk. A clean workplace and a clean product will eliminate many risks of personal injury and malfunctions.


Above all, when working on fuel systems, hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, trubochargers, inlet systems, bearings and seals, it is of the utmost importance that dirt and foreign objects are kept away, as malfunctions or shortened service intervals may otherwise results.

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