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Volvo Engine Crankshaft Seal and Main Bearing Maintenance

Oct. 18, 2019

Crankshaft Seal, Change (rear)



9998672 Press tool

88800014 Rotation tool


1 Remove the plug from the flywheel.

2 Install 88800014 Rotation tool.



3 Remove the flywheel bolts.



4 Fit two bolts in the flywheel's outer threaded holes (use M10 x 120).

5 Screw in the bolts until the flywheel releases from the guides.

6 Lift the flywheel away.



7 Clean the crankshaft seal's mating surface.

8 Fit 9998672 Press tool to the old seal by turning it.



9 Drill two 4 mm holes in the seal through the guide holes in 9998672 Press tool.


10 Screw two self tapping screws into the old seal, through the guide holes in 9998672 Press tool.

11 Fit two M10 x 60 fully threaded in the tool's (9998672 Press tool) threaded holes.

12 Pull off the seal.

13 Clean the crankshaft seal mating surface. Make sure all surfaces are free from oil and grease.




NOTICE! Use a new component.

14 Lubricate the lip of the seal with engine oil.

15 Press the crankshaft seal onto 9998672 Press tool.


16 Tap the seal carefully home until it bottoms on the cover.

17 Pull 9998672 Press tool carefully out of the seal by turning it.



18 Fit the flywheel by lifting at the bolts.


NOTICE! Make sure the bolts do not protrude through the back of the flywheel.


19 Install the flywheel bolts by hand.

20 Then torque the bolts in three steps (sequence as illustrated).


Step 1: 30 Nm (22.1 lbf. ft.)

Step 2: 60°

Step 3: 60°


21 Remove the cranking tool and replace the plug in the flywheel housing.



Main bearing, Change


88800014 Rotation tool


The method describes replacement of main bearings with the crankshaft in place in the Volvo engine.

1 Remove the plug from the flywheel. Install 88800014 Rotation tool.



2 Drain the engine oil.

3 Remove the oil pan.


NOTICE! The oil pan is installed using sealing compound and can therefore be difficult to remove. Use a gasket scraper. To remove the gasket, tap the scraper into the gaps where the bolts were previously located.


4 NOTICE! Different bolt lengths (1) and (2). Remove the oil suction pipe.



5 Remove gasket.



6 Replace the main bearings one at a time. Check and mark each bearing cap and undo the

bolts. The bolts may not be reused.



7 Remove the bearing cap (1) with the lower bearing shell. Save the thrust washers (2).



8 Remove the upper bearing shell by putting a pin in the crankshaft oil hole and rolling the bearing shell out by turning the crankshaft in the direction of rotation with a cranking tool.

9 Clean and check the bearing seats, bearing caps and bearing shells. The bearing surfaces must be completely smooth.

Repolish them if there are minor scratches. If a bearing has seized, the cause must be determined before new bearings are installed.

10 Check that the correct bearing dimension is used for replacements.



11 Use a thin plastic or wood stick to remove the thrust washers from the cylinder block bearing





12 Check crankshaft end float and replace the thrust washers if clearance is excessive or if the thrust washers are damaged.


13 Install the upper bearing shell by turning the crankshaft with a cranking tool against the direction of rotation with the pin in the oil hole.


NOTICE! Check that the pressed bearing shell tab is correctly aligned in the bearing seat notch.

NOTICE! Remove the pin when done.


14 Fit the thrust washers according to the measured end float.

NOTICE! Installation orientation: the thrust washer lubrication grooves must face towards the




15 Install the lower bearing shell in the bearing cap and lubricate it with engine oil.



16 Fix the thrust washer halves (with tabs) to the thrust washer caps (with the aid of a little grease on the tab).



17 Install the main bearing cap (1) together with the lower bearing shell and thrust washers (2).

NOTICE! The main bearing caps are asymmetric and can only be installed in one position.



18 NOTICE! Use new bolts.

Torque tightening and angle tightening of bearing caps in three steps:

Step 1: 50 Nm (36.9 lbf. ft.)

Step 2: 60° (angle tightening)

Step 3: 60° (angle tightening)

19 Replace the other bearing shells, one a time, in the same manner. Check after each bearing is

replaced that the crankshaft does not bind by turning with a cranking tool.



20 Install a new gasket.

21 NOTICE! Different bolt lengths (1) and (2). Install the oil suction pipe. Tightening torque: 30 Nm (22.1 lbf. ft.)


22 Clean the gasket surfaces from gasket residue. Apply sealing compound (part # 1161771).



23 Fit the oil sump.



24 Tightening sequence: Diagonal.

Step 1: 15 Nm (11.1 lbf. ft.)

Step 2: 30 ± 3 Nm (22.1 ± 2.2 lbf ft.)


25 Remove the cranking tool from the flywheel housing and install the cover.

26 Add oil and replace oil filter. Check the oil pressure.

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