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Volvo Diesel Engine Valve Inspection and Replacement

Oct. 18, 2019

Valve Guides, Inspection



9999696 Magnetic stand

9989876 Dial indicator

1 Remove the cylinder head; refer to Cylinder Head, Removal page 34.

2 Remove the valve stem seals from the valve guides.


The cylinder head must not be put down such that its entire weight rests on the valve guides. Place the cylinder head on the bench with the valve discs facing upwards. 


4 Place a new valve in the valve guide with the valve stem end in the same plane as the edge of the guide. Use a suitable spacer under the valve stem.

5 Place 9989876 Dial indicator and 9999696 Magnetic standso that the dial indicator tip is touching the valve disc edge. Move the valve sideways, in the direction of the exhaust or inlet duct. Read off the value on the dial indicator.

6 Check all valve guides. If the readings exceed the values noted in the specifications, the valve guide must be changed, refer to Administration page 11.


Valve Guides, Replacing



88800379 Drift

88800380 Drift

Remove the cylinder head; refer to: Cylinder Head, Removal page 34.

Remove the valves according to: 21-1, Cylinder Head Valve, Change.


Risk of eye injury. Eye protection required. Removal

NOTICE! If the valve seats must also be changed, this must be done before the valve guides are removed.

1 Place the cylinder head in a hydraulic press.


2 Press out the valve guides using 88800380 Drift.

NOTICE! This can be done from the top of the cylinder head. Check for damage before pressing

the guide out.



3 Heat the cylinder head with hot water while cooling the valve guides with e.g. dry ice.


4 Lubricate the cylinder head valve guides with engine oil.

Press the valve guides in using 88800379 Drift.


5 Press until the tool bottoms against the cylinder head plane. Because valve guides are not pre-sized, further machining is necessary to achieve the correct clearance according to: Administration page 11.


Once the valve guides have been changed, the cylinder head must be cleaned to prevent particles from entering the fuel and oil ducts. Contamination may cause injector malfunction or failure.


7 Install the valves according to: 21-1, Cylinder Head Valve, Change.

8 Install the cylinder head; refer to Cylinder Head, 8 Removal page 34.

21-5 Timing Gears and Shaft


Sensors, Adjustment


1 Check the gap between the sensor and the reluctor wheel with a feeler gauge.

The gap must be: 0.6 ± 0.1 mm (0.024 ± 0.004"). Adjust the sensor if the gap is wider or narrower.


2 Clean and unbolt the holder.



3 NOTICE! Different bolt lengths.

Install the holder and tachometer sensor. Brush locking fluid on the bolts and tighten them by


M8 x 45 mm (1)

M8 x 40 mm (2)



4 Adjust sensor distance from the reluctor wheel using a feeler gauge. Press lightly on the back of the sensor until the gap between the reluctor wheel and the sensor is 0.6 ± 0.1 mm (0.024 ± 0.004").



5 Allow the feeler gauge to remain in place and apply light pressure to the sensor. 

Tighten the bolts.

Tightening torque: 20 Nm (14.8 lbf. ft.)



21-6 Crank Mechanism


Gear Ring, Fywheel: Replace

Flywheel removed.


Do not drill the flywheel - risk for imbalance.

1 Drill 1–2 holes between two teeth on the ring gear. Split the ring gear at the drilled hole, using a cold chisel. Lift the gear ring away from the flywheel.

2 Brush the flywheel contact surface clean with a steel wire brush.



3 Heat the new gear ring to 180 - 200°C ( 356 –392°F) with a welding torch or in an oven. The ring gear must be evenly heated. Be careful not to heat the gear ring too much and anneal it.

Check the heat by polishing the ring bright at several places. Stop heating when the polished surfaces blue.



4 Put the heated ring gear onto the flywheel and tap it into place with a soft mandrel and hammer.

Allow the ring gear to cool.



Crankshaft Seal, Change (front)



9990192 Puller

9996400 Slide hammer

11668406 Guide sleeve


1 Remove the radiator core; refer to 26-1, Radiator Assembly (Complete Unit), Change.

2 Remove the fan; refer to 26-3, Fan, change.

3 Remove the fuel pump and coolant pump drive belt; refer to Drive Belt, Change page 204.

4 Remove the pulley and the vibration damper; refer to Oil pump housing, change page 83.

5 Remove the old seal; use 9996400 Slide hammer and 9990192 Puller. Inspect the wear surface.


6 Clean the mating surfaces.

7 Remove the guide sleeve.




8 Fit the guide (1) (inner part of 11668406 Guide sleeve).

Note that the guide sleeve (2) and hole (3) must be aligned.



9 Fasten the guide (1).



10 NOTICE! Use a new component.

Lubricate the seal ring and the crankshaft contact surface with silicone grease, part no. 1161447.

11 Slide the seal ring over the guide.



12 Pay attention to the crankshaft seal recess depth and select spacers (1) accordingly.

• 1 spacer: repair installation depth.

• 2 spacers: at initial installation (when using new crankshaft).

Use no spacers for maximum installation depth.



13 Install the press (1), the bearing (2) and the nut(3).

14 Turn the nut until it stops.

15 Remove the nut and the press.

16 Check that the seal is positioned correctly.



17 Install the guide sleeve.

18 Install the pulley and the vibration damper; refer to Oil pump housing, change page 83.

19 Install the drive belt and belt tensioner; refer to Drive Belt, Change page 204.


20 Install the fan; refer to 26-3, Fan, change.

21 Install the radiator core; refer to 26-1, Radiator Assembly (Complete Unit), Change.


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