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Safety Instruction of Volvo Penta Engine

Oct. 18, 2019


Never transpose the positive (+) and negative (-) battery posts when installing batteries. Such a transposition can result in serious damage to electrical equipment. Refer to the wiring diagram.

Always use protective goggles when charging and handling the batteries. Batteries electrolyte contains sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive. Should the battery electrolyte come into contact with unprotected skin, wash it off immediately using soap and copious amounts of water. If you get battery acid in your eyes, flush at once with copious amounts of water and seek medical assistance immediately.


Never start the engine with the valve cover removed. There is a risk of personal injury.


Stop the Volvo engine before working on the cooling system.

Marine engines: close the sea cock/cooling water inlet valve before work on the cooling system is begun.

Make sure t that oil, fuel soaked rags, and used fuel and oil filters are stored in a safe manner. Rags soaked in oil can spontaneously ignite under certain circumstances. Used fuel and oil filters are environmentally hazardous waste and must be handed to an approved waste management facility for destruction, as must any used lubrication oil, contaminated fuel, paint residue, solvents, degreasers and wash residue.


The existing lugs on the engine should be used for lifting. Always check that the lifting equipment used is in good condition and has the load capacity to lift the engine (engine weight including gearbox or extra equipment). for safe handling and to avoid damaging components fitted to the top of the engine, the engine must be lifted with a correctly adjusted lifting boom. All chains or wires must run parallel to each other and as perpendicular to the engine as possible, if other equipment attached to the engine has altered its center of gravity, special lifting devices may be needed to obtain the correct balance for safe handling. Never perform any work on an engine that is only suspended from the lifting equipment.


The components in the electrical and fuel systems on Volvo Penta products are designed and manufactured to minimize the risk of fire and explosion. The engine must not be run in areas where there are explosive materials.


Only use fuels and lubricating oils recommended by Volvo Penta. Refer to the Operators Manual for the product in question. Use of fuels that are of a lower grade may damage the engine, the injection pump and the injectors. On a diesel engine, low grade fuel can cause the control rod to bind and the engine to over-rev, with the risk of engine damage and personal injury as a result. Low fuel and oil grades may result in high service, maintenance and repair costs.


Fuel delivery pipes must not be bent or straightened under any circumstances. Cracks may occur, damaged pipes must be replaced.


Exercise extreme caution when leak-detecting on the fuel system and testing the fuel injector nozzles. Use eye protection. The jet from a fuel nozzle has very high pressure and great penetration power. Fuel can force its way deep into body issue and cause severe injury. There is a risk of blood poisoning (septicemia).

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