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Replace Volvo Engine Sleeve For Unit Injector

Oct. 18, 2019

Sleeve for unit injector, replace



9808617 Brush

9809668 Extractor

9996049 Draining hose

9998252 Thread cutting tool

9998599 Cleaning kit

88800014 Rotation tool

88800190 Sleeve

88800191 Extractor

88800198 Sleeve

88880011 Broach

88880014 Counterhold

88880057 Thread tap

Injector removed; refer to Injector, Change page 123. Drain the coolant with the aid of 9996049 Draining hose; refer to Coolant, Change page 187.


Working with the fuel system requests special cleanliness.


1 Lubricate 88880057 Thread tap (M9) with grease in order to prevent swarf from falling into the cylinder. Screw the thread tap at least 5 mm into the copper sleeve, using 9998252 Thread cutting tool.

2 Remove tool 9998252 Thread cutting tool and 88880057 Thread tap.



3 Check that the tap, tool 9809668 Extractor (M9) is fitted to tool 88800191 Extractor. Replace the existing counterhold in the tool with 88880014 Counterhold.



4 Screw the tool all the way to the bottom of the copper sleeve. Remove the copper sleeve by turning the nut while holding the pin secure.




5 NOTICE! 88800190 Sleeve must be used to prevent dirt from getting into the fuel duct. Clean the bottom of the cylinder head with the aid of tools from 9998599 Cleaning kit.



6 Clean the cylinder head holes. Special tools: 88800190 Sleeve, 9808617 Brush

7 Use an air nozzle to carefully blow the cylinder head sleeve seat clean.



8 Remove the plug by the flywheel. Insert 88800014 Rotation tool.

9 Crank the flywheel until the piston is in its lowest position in the cylinder.



10 Install a new seal ring on the sleeve. Lubricate it with soapy water.



11 Fit the sleeve to the flanged tool. Oil the tool pin.

NOTICE! The reamer is a spare part and may be purchased separately as necessary. Tool part number: 88880011. Special tools: 88800198 Sleeve, 88880011 Broach 

12 88800198 Sleeve



13 Press the copper sleeve down carefully using the rim of the injector hole as a guide for the mandrel. Using a plastic mallet, tap lightly until the sleeve reaches its lowest point.

NOTICE! Use the unit injector yoke to steady the tool. Torque to 30 Nm (22.1 lbf. ft.) to fasten the

sleeve properly. Expand the sleeve by turning the nut while holding the spindle still.

Special tools: 88800198 Sleeve



14 NOTICE! Protect the injector hole from dirt.

Remove 88880011 Broach.

Remove 88800014 Rotation tool.


15 Install the injector; refer to Injector, Change page 123.

16 Fill with coolant; refer to Coolant Level, Checking and Topping Up page 185.

17 Start the Volvo engine. Perform a function check.


23-8 Control System, ECM, Data Sets

Control Valve, Change



885510 Plugs



Clean thoroughly before dismantling.

1 Remove:• the cable from the control valve MPROP (1) (cut the cable tie). feed line (2). • the feed line from the fuel filter (3). • return line (4). • the two control valve bolts.



NOTICE! Plug all connections to exclude dirt (885510 Plugs).

2 Remove the control valve. Inspect the control valve for damage.




3 Install:

• the control valve.

• return line (4).

• the feed line from the fuel filter (3).

• feed line (2).

• the cable to the control valve MPROP (1) (use a new cable tie).



Tightening torque:

1 Hollow screw 1: 34 Nm (25.1 lbf. ft.)

2 Hollow screw 2: 26 Nm (19.2 lbf. ft.)

3 Hollow screw 3: 39 Nm (28.8 lbf. ft.)

4 Hollow screw 4: 49 Nm (36.1 lbf. ft.)

5 Bolt 5: 30 Nm (22.1 lbf. ft.)



4 Vent the fuel system; refer to Fuel system, bleeding page 104.

5 Warm up the engine and perform a function check with regard to any leakages.

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