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How to Change Perkins Engines Fuel Filter Elements and Air Filter

Apr. 12, 2018

Changing Combined Fuel Filter Water Separator

Remove the filter separator canister using a strap wrench see Fig. 33 fill the new filter/ separator with clean engine oil to the rubber seal, then screw the canister onto the housing using firm hand pressure.

remove filter separator canister.jpg


Changing the Change Over Fuel Filter Elements When the Engine Is Stopped

All that is necessary is to unscrew the canisters with a strap wrench as shown in Fig.34, leaving the change-over lever the vertical position as there is no pressure in the fuel system with the engine stationary. The replacement canisters are screwed on by hand, after applying a smear of dean engine oil to the rubber seals, and tightening by firm hand pressure only. Bleed the air from the new filters by slackening the vent screw (2) and operating the priming pump, Check for leaks when the engine is restarted.

change over fuel filter elements.jpg


NOTE: Prepare for some spillage of fuel by placing a bowl of about 5 litres or l gallon capacity under the filter when changing the capacities.


Changing the Change Over Fuel Filter Elements When the Engine Is Running

Both filters are in use with the change over lever in the vertical position. Moving the lever to the left puts the right hand filter out of service (1) see Fig. 35 and Fig. 34 and moving it to the right for the left hand filter.

With the lever positioned remove the appropriate filter canister using a strap wrench see Fig.35 fill the new filter with fuel apply a smear of engine oil to the rubber seal, then screw the canister onto the housing using firm hand pressure. Air must be vented from each new filter slacken the vent screw (2) Fig.33 slowly raise the lever toward the vertical position stop when fuel flows from vent screw, when air free fuel flows tighten the vent screw return the lever to the vertical position and repeat the operation on the second filter. Wipe any spilled fuel from the filter unit, check for leaks at idling and normal running speed.

NOTE: Prepare for some spillage of fuel by placing a bowl of about 5 litres or 1 gallon capacity under the filter when changing the capacities.



1. Both filters in use (Normal Running Position)

2. Change right hand filter

3. Change left hand filter

change over lever.jpg


WARNING !! Disconnect batteries or any other means of starting engine.


Changing Air Filter 


Remove the end cover (3) of the air filter housing, after unscrewing the retaining wing nut, carefully lift out the paper air filter element (1). For servicing the element see General Servicing Instructions below. When all servicing procedures are completed, fit the new or cleaned element into the housing. When fitting the end cover ensure it has seated fully in the housing before tightening the wing nut. Inspect and tighten all air filter connection before resuming equipment operation (see Fig.37).

changing air filter.jpg


Heavy Duty

The heavy duty air filter incorporates a cyclone unit (4) fitted to the air intake of the filter (replacing the mesh guard (2)). To clean the cyclone unit remove it from the air filter and blow out any foreign matter within the unit. Changing the paper air filter element the procedure is the same as for the standard air filter above.


General Servicing Instructions

Servicing procedures include cleaning or replacing the filter element, cleaning the filter housing, and assuring that all piping and hose connection from the filter outlet to the turbocharger intake are sealed airtight.


Filter Element Service

Clean the exterior of the filter housing and then carefully remove the element. Inspect the "clean air side" of the element and the outlet side of the filter housing for any unusual dust accumulations.

(a) Dust accumulations on the clean air side of the element usually indicates a rupture in the filter medium. Immediate replacement of the element is necessary.

(b) Dust accumulation on the inlet side of the housing is usually caused by leaking gaskets and/or damaged gasket surfaces. If this condition exists, leaking gaskets should be replaced and damaged gasket surfaces should be repaired before placing the unit back into service.

WARNING!! Replace any element which is damaged. Never "Blow" Dirt out of the filter housing. This may introduce dust into the engine. Instead, use a clean, damp, cloth, do not oil the element. When using compressed air always wear eye protection.


Element Cleaning

If the filter element is in good condition with light dust contamination on its outer surface and the air flow restriction indicator has not been triggered, the element can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

600KW 750KVA Perkins diesel generator set 4006 Series 4006-23TAG2A engine technical data is given below:

Perkins Engines Model


Prime Power


Standby Power





In line

Rated Speed

1500 RPM


4 stroke


Turbocharged & air-to-air intercooled

Bore and Stroke

160 * 190 mm


22.92 L

Compression Ratio


Lubricating oil Capacity

113.4 L

Coolant Capacity

105 L

Governor Type


Starting Mode

Electric Start

Fuel System

Direct Injection

Fuel Consumption

100% =173 L/hr Standby power

100% = 157 L/hr Common power

75% = 121 L/hr

50% = 83 L/hr

Perkins 4006-23TAG2A engine.jpg

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