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Operating Requirement and Procedures of Deutz Engine

Mar. 14, 2018

This is the operating requirement and procedures part of Duetz 226B diesel engine


4. Operating Requirement And Procedures


4.1 Rules on the working fluid and the auxiliary material

4. 1. 1 Oil

Quality class: Oil is classified according to its quality and characteristics, usually on the basis of API . Oil which is allowed to use 

API class: CC.C D.C D - n .CE

CB class:CC.C D.C D - H.CE

CC class oil should be selected for non - supercharged diesel engines while the C D class oil for the

supercharged ones.  It is allowable for the low - quality oil to be replaced with high - quality oil.



The viscosity of the oil is , to a great extent, determined by the temperature. Refer to the right figure for appropriate oil viscosity class( SAE class) .


Please refer to the right figure for the oil viscosity and select the most appropriate oil. The situation where the environment temperature is close to the temperature limit will have some influence on the cold start performance but not necessarily damage the diesel engine.


Do not exceed the temperature limit for long time so as to keep the abrasion within a minimum extent.


Multi - class oil could be used so that it wont he necessary to change the oil during the seasonal

alternation period.


The fuel consumption rate could be lowered by using multi - class oil (light oil especially)

It is recommended to use 15W/40 011 when the environment temperature is ahove  - 150C

and use SW/30 when it is below  -150C.


Shell C D/15w - 40 lubricating oil for Weichai Power only which is prepared of imported high -

quality oil and choice additive is recommended. It is sold by all service stations of Weichai for unified national price.


Note:Forbidden to inspect the Lub oil level daring engine working and mix different lubricating oil.


4. 1. 2 fuel

This engine makes use of light diesel as the fuel.

Quality grade

Sulfur content of specified brand fuel is not allowed to exceed l%. The fuel with following brand numbers is permissible:


- GB252 0#  -10#  -20# -35#  -50#

- DIN 51601

- NATO -CODES F54.F57.F76

- BS 2869:A1.A2 ( pay attention to the.sulfur content of the A2)

- ASTM D975 - 81:1 - D.2 - D


O# fuel should be applied when the ambient temperature is higher than 50C ( CB252 - 94 )


The waxiness produced by the diesel under low temperature will lead to the low fluidity of the diesel and the blockage of the fuel system and eventually result in the operating failure of the diesel engine.


So please use winter diesel when the environment temperature is blow 0℃.


When the temperature is between - 15'C and - 20r:, the diesel engine could employ a mixture of diesel and kerosene to meet the low temperature requirement. Refer to the right figure for the mixing ratio.


In the case that the summer diesel has to be used at a temperature of blow 0℃ , some kerosene which do not exceed 60% could be added, as is illustrated in the figure blow.


Notice: the mixing process should be proceeded in the fuel tank. Fill in some diesel before adding enough kerosene.


4.1. 3 cooling fluid

The cooling water of the diesel engine must be soft water and anticorrosive agent and anti - freezing agent must be added.

Anti - freezing fluid

Please refer to the anti - freezing fluid instruction for the mixing ratio of the longacting antifreezing fluid.

 Longacting anti - freezing fluid

Glycol content %335056
Density (15.6℃)1.051.0741.082
Boiling point ℃104.5±1108.5±1110.0±1
Freezing point ℃-18±1-36±1-45±1
Min. Temperature appropriate ℃-10-26-35

The concentration of the anti - freezing agent should be checked once every 1000 hours. But there should be at least one checkout in every season. The anti - freezing agent should be hanged every two years so as to avoid corrosive damage.


Anticorrosive agent


Anticorrosive agent can be added to the cooling water when the environment temperature is above 5℃ ( in summer or autumn or m some areas with relatively high temperature) .

Cooling water

The composition of the cooling water are analyzed as following:

Water qualityMin.Max.
PH value6.58.5Only the water with the compositions of specified content can be added with addition agent
The content of chloride ion (mg/dm³)-100
Content of carbonate (mg/dm³)-100
Content of overall anion (mg/dm³)-150
Degree of hardness when using the anti-freezing agent312
Degree of hardness of the carbonate3-
Degree of hardness when using chemical anticorrosive agentNotice the instruction of the supplier 0                          10

Inner zinc - plated pipe is not appropriate for containing chemical anticorrosive agent so it cannot be used as cooling water pipe.


4. 1. 4 'rreating of waste fuel/oil

Waste fuel and oil should be stored in a special container. Because there exist poi-

sonous subsfances in fuel, oil and coolant, drink or contact with skin is forbidden.

4; 2 swinging requirement

Inappropriate swinging might damage the diesel engine during the conveying



It is inappropriate to use a rope and a triangle to sling the engine up. Because if the slings, the cylinder head bolt and the swinging ring are not kept in a line, the cylinder head bolt might be damaged or even fractured during the swinging process, which may eventually result in the failure of the engine.

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