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Maintaining Diesel Engine of Generator Set

Sep. 01, 2018

The use of Diesel Generator engine

Engine should avoid long idle speed and less than 50% rated power operation. Because the engine runs at a long idle speed or low load, the fuel injected into the cylinder cannot be completely burned, which will lead to carbon deposit. Thus clogging injector nozzle holes and piston rings, and may make the valve jammed. And easy to cause turbocharger oil leakage into the compressor and lead to exhaust pipe oil injection and other phenomena.


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If the temperature of the engine coolant becomes too low, some unburned diesel oil will dilute the lubricating oil on the cylinder wall and affect the quality of the lubricating oil in the crankcase, thus making all moving parts of the engine subject to poor lubrication. If the engine is not in use, stop it.


Note: any parts failure, such as oil temperature not due to the increase of load and sudden increase in oil pressure, abnormal sound and so on, should be stopped immediately for inspection.



The engine needs to idle for 3-5 minutes before shutdown, so that lubricating oil and cooling water can take away heat from the combustion chamber, bearings and shafts, which is particularly important for turbocharged engines. No sudden stop is allowed to prevent overheating of the supercharger from killing the supercharger bearing.


It is necessary to monitor whether there is a collision sound between the turbocharger impeller and the shell when the engine stops. If there is a collision sound, the supercharger should be removed and checked by a professional to confirm that the bearing clearance of the supercharger is normal. 


Note: engines working in cold climates. If no antifreeze is used, all the water release switches on the engine should be opened when the engine stops working, and the cooling water in the cylinder block, cylinder head, water tank, oil cooler and other accessories cooled by water should be released to avoid damaging the engine by freezing.



It is necessary to keep the sealing of engine inlet and exhaust pipe, not to affect the performance of diesel engine, to check whether the fastening nut or bolt is loose, whether the pipe joint is tight or not, and whether the seal gasket is leaking.



Note: when selecting diesel engine and working machinery to match, the load power should be matched reasonably, and it is strictly forbidden that the load power is too large or too small. If the long-term overload matching operation, the diesel engine reliability will be reduced, and the service life will be reduced. However, if the load power is too small and running for a long time, the diesel engine can not be fully used, and it is easy to cause oil channeling and a series of faults mentioned above.



Power output of diesel engine


Diesel engine is the core component of diesel generator set, which consists of combustor module, power transfer module, airframe and main bearing, valve distribution mechanism, fuel system and governor, lubricating system, cooling system and starting system. In order to ensure the good operation of diesel generator sets, it is necessary to maintain them carefully.



1. running-in

This is the basis for prolonging the service life of diesel engines. Both new and overhauled engines must be run in accordance with the rules before they can be put into normal operation.


2. Clean

Diesel is the main fuel of the engine. If the diesel oil is not pure, it will make the precise match body wear and tear, increase the matching clearance, cause oil leakage, drop oil, reduce the oil supply pressure, increase the gap, even cause the oil path clogging, the shaft burning tile and so on serious malfunction.


If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner, piston and piston ring. If the cooling water is not pure, the cooling system scale will be blocked, which will hinder the engine heat dissipation, poor lubrication conditions and serious wear. If the body appearance is not clean, will make the surface corrosion, shorten the service life.



3. Plenty of oil, water and air

If the supply of diesel and air is not timely or interrupted, there will be some problems, such as difficult starting, bad combustion, low power, and the engine can not run normally.


4. Check the fastening position regularly

The bolts and nuts are easily loosened due to the impact of vibration and uneven load during the operation of the diesel engine. There are all parts of the adjustment bolts should be inspected to avoid causing loosening and damage to the body accident.


5. Check adjustment

That is, the valve clearance, valve phase, fuel supply advance angle, injection pressure and ignition timing of the diesel engine should be checked and adjusted in time, so as to ensure that the engine is always in good technical condition, so as to save fuel and prolong the service life.



6. The correct use of the engine

Before starting, lubrication parts such as bearing should be lubricated.


After starting, water temperature should reach 40 ℃ -50 ℃ before putting into operation, long time overload or low speed operation is strictly prohibited. Before stopping, the load should be removed to reduce the speed. When the water temperature drops to 40 ℃ -50 ℃ after the shutdown in winter, the engine with cooling water has been injected with antifreeze.

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