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Information about Volvo Engine TAD734GE DU & CIU

Oct. 24, 2019

Volvo Engine TAD734GE DU (Display Unit)

The DU is an computerized instrument panel which shows engine working values on an LCD screen. In the display it is possible to show multiple windows with different information, i. g. engine rpm, coolant temperature, fuel consumption and fault messages.

At start up, the display performs a self-test. If an constant signal is heard, the system has discovered a malfunction. The display will work but may act in an unexpected way.

The DU is connected between the engine control unit and the CIU or DCU.

Volvo engine DU.jpg

Display modes

Press any of button l-4 to view the function menu for the buttons, appearing in the lower part of the display. To leave the menu, wait a few seconds or press button

5 (EXIT).

1 Engine

2 Multi

3 Trip

4 Graph

5 Exit

Display modes.jpg


In the display modes Engine, Trip and Graph, it is possible to adjust the contrast. Press button 5 outside the menu and then + (button 4) or - (button 3) to adjust the contrast.



Rpm and coolant temperature is shown in the upper part of the display. In the lower part it will show trip computer and a fuel level indicator, if these functions are installed.



In the multi mode, button 2, the information can be shown in four windows, analogue or digital. The display toggles between the two when button 2 is pressed repeatedly. By pressing button 5, the right arrow, you choose what information to be shown in the different windows. Press repeatedly on the button that correspond to the window, until desired information is shown.



To display the trip computer press button 3, Trip

Trip Fuel, since last reset

Fuel Rate, fuel consumption

Trip hours, since last reset

Engine hours, total amount of operating hours

Reset by pressing button 3 for three seconds until a beep is heard.



The information is shown as graphs. Press button 4 repeatedly to choose what information will be shown. The time interval is set in the Configuration menu.

If the connection is broken there will be a straight line in the display.



Configuration menu

Press button 5 for three seconds to enter the Configuration menu. Navigate with the up and down  arrows, select with the right arrow.

Configuration menu.jpg




Fuel rate is adjusted according to volume unit, L/H, GAL/H, IGAL/H.



Alarm Status

List of active alarms, refer to Reading fault codes via the DU (Display Unit)

Alarm status.jpg


LANGUAGE; setting of what language is to be used in the display.

BLEEP; On/Off, setting if pressing the instrument buttons will be followed by a beep or not.

DISPLAY; setting of ENGINE RPM gauges RPM ENGINE, 2500-9000 RPM, in steps of 500


GRAPH RANGE, 2 minutes- 8 hours in the following steps,




DEMO, switches the DEMO mode ON/OFF

RESTORE DEAFAULTS, reset all configuration to default values.

COM VIEWER, displays latest message on communication ports

PROG TX, transfers content of the application on

Flash memory to other CAN units on the same CAN bus.

ABOUT, displays

ID NO - display serial number

EEPROM - number of write on EEPROM

VERS - software version number

CHK - Flash memory checksum

PART No - Volvo software part number

SOURCE - source of received data

LABEL - Allocated Label on the same bus


CIU (Control Interface Unit)

The CIU is a "translator" between the control unit (EMS) and the customer's own control panel. The CIU has two serial communication links, one fast and one slow.

The fast one is a so-called CAN link. All data related to instruments, indication lamps, connectors and potentiometers is controlled by this link.

The slow link manages diagnostic information for flashing codes etc.

Control Interface Unit.jpg

Easy Link Instruments

The following Easy Link instruments are available

- Tachometer / hours counter (fault codes are also displayed on the tachometer display when the diagnostic button is pressed)

- Coolant temperature

- Oil pressure

- Oiltemperature

- Batteryvoltage

- Alarm panel

- Turbo pressure


DCU (Display Control Unit)

The pre-heating time is adjusted to suit engine temperature, and may last up to 50 seconds both before and after starting.

The starter motor connection time is maximized to 20 seconds. After that, the starter motor circuit is cut for 80 seconds to protect the starter motor against overheating.

NOTICE! Preheat must be activated when the temperature is below o °C (32°F)


With preheating

1 Press the ON/OFF button (6)

2 Press the SEL button (7) to come to the main menu

3 Navigate to Preheat with the browse button (9). Press the SEL button (7)

4 In the Preheat menu, press the SEL button (7) to select pre-heating; the text "Preheat active please wait" is shown in the display.

5 Wait until the text disappears and then press the START button (2).

Without pre-heating

1 Press the ON/OFF button (6)

2 Press the START button (2).

Warm through the engine at idle (1,500/1,800 rpm)

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