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Cummins Engine Electric Fuel Control Governor

Apr. 27, 2018

Cummins Engine Electric Fuel Control Governor Description

The governor contains a magnetic pickup, a governor control, an actuator and the mounting parts.

electric fuel control governor.jpg

The governor is available with normally open or normally closed governor systems.

governor control.jpg

The magnetic pickup senses engine speed at the flywheel ring gear and sends an alternating current (A.C.) electrical signal to the governor control.

magnetic pickup.jpg

The governor control compares the electrical signal from the magnetic pickup with a preset reference point. If there is a difference in the two signals, the control will change the current to the actuator.

EFC Actuator.jpg

The change in current in the actuator coil will make the actuator shaft rotate. The fuel flow, and engine speed or power will change when the actuator shaft rotate.

Cummins engine.jpg

The magnetic pickup is an electromagnetic device. The pickup is mounted in the flywheel housing. There are types of magnetic pickups.

Magnetic pickup installation.jpg

Remove a pipe plug from the flywheel housing  that aligns with the flywheel gear teeth. Rotate the flywheel to center a gear tooth below the magnetic pickup hole, if necessary.

flywheel housing.jpg

If the flywheel housing does not have a pipe plug that aligns with the flywheel gear teeth, drill and tap a hole in the housing.

NOTE: The drill chips must be removed from the housing. The main generator must be removed to clean the chips out of the housing. 

tap a hole.jpg

1. The hole must be perpendicular to the gear teeth. The hole can be over any part of the gear teeth. 


2. Drill a 37/64 inch [14.7] hole in the housing.

flywheel housing.jpg

3. Tal the hole with a 5/8-18 UNF-2A size tap.

4. Remove the chips with a magnet if the housing is aluminum.

remove the clips.jpg

If the housing has a 3/4-16 UNF hole, install a housing in the hole to reduce the threads to 5/8-18 UNF-2A.

flywheel housing.jpg

Screw the magnetic pickup all of the way down contacts a flywheel gear tooth. The pickup will screw in very easy, do not use excessive pressure to install the pickup.

NOTE: if the pickup does not screw in with finger pressure, check the hole and the pickup threads. Tap again, if required. Refer to the previous page for removal procedure.

screw the magnetic pickup.jpg

Back the pickup out l/2 to 3/4 of a turn.

If you can get a feeler gauge between the magnetic pickup and the flywheel gear tooth, back the pickup out 0.028 to 0.042 inch [0.71 to 1.07mm] from the flywheel hear tooth.

magnetic pickup.jpg

Tighten the lock nut down on the flywheel housing. Plug the electrical connection into the pickup, when required. Install the main generator, if it was removed.

Tighten the locknut.jpg

When the flywheel gear teeth pass the pickup, an A.C. Voltage  is induced. One cycle is induced for each gear both.

flywheel gear.jpg

Caution: Measure the voltage of the panel mounted governor control on the engine control terminal strip. Do not measure the voltage on the control terminal strip. If two terminals on the panel mounted governor control terminal strip are shorted, it can damage the control unit.

measure the voltage.jpg

Check the magnetic pickup voltage on terminals 13 and 14 on the engine control terminal strip inside the engine mounted instrument panel.

check magnetic pickup voltage.jpg

If a remote mounted control is in use, check the magnetic pickup voltage on terminals 5 and 6. 

check the magnetic pickup voltage.jpg

If the pickup signal is less than 1.5 volts AC when cranking the engine. Screw the pickup in 1/8 to 1/4 turn.

screw the pickup.jpg


Power Source 

The governor control can operate on either 12 or 24 volts D.C.

A normally closed control must be used with a normally closed actuator.

A normally open control must be used with a normally open actuator.

Power source voltage.jpg

The actuators can have a rating of 12V. or 24V.-D.C. source (battery) voltage at the control must be the same as the voltage rating of the actuator.


Caution: Do not connect the governor control to a battery charger. Due to the circuitry and method of operation of the chargers, the governor will not function properly. Connect the battery charger to the battery.

battery charger.jpg

NOTE: See the panel mounted and remote governor control wiring diagrams for the specific wiring.

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