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Cummins NT Diesel Engines Maintenance Manual

Aug. 09, 2017

There is no doubt that maintenance is the key to lower operating costs. No matter it is Cummins engine or other brand engines. A diesel engine requires regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it running efficiently.

Maintenance Schedule

Preventive maintenance is the easiest and least expensive type of maintenance. it permits the Maintenance Department to do the work at a convenient time.


Note: A good maintenance schedule depends on engine application.

Actual operating environment of the engine governs the maintenance schedule. The suggested check sheet on the following page indicates some checks have to be performed more often under heavy dust or other special conditions.

Using the Suggested Schedule Check Sheet

The maintenance schedule check sheet is designed as a guide until adequate experience is obtained to establish a schedule to meet a specific operation.

A detailed list of component checks is provided through several check periods; also a suggested schedule basis is given for hours of operation, or calendar of time.

A maintenance schedule should be established using the check sheet as a guide; the result will be a maintenance program to fit a specific operation.

The check sheet shown can be reproduced by any printer. The person making each check can then indicate directly on the sheet that operation has been completed. When a complete column (Under A, B, C, etc.) of checks is indicated, the engine will be ready for additional service until the next check is due.

Maintenance Schedule

Chongqing Cummins Diesel Engine (Check each operation as performed.)

A - Check

B - Check

C - Check

D - Check




□ Check engine operating log

□ Check engine

· Oil level

· Coolant level

* · Oil bath cleaner oil level

□ Visually inspect engine for damage, leaks, loose or trayed belts



□ Repeat Dail “A” Check

□ Check air cleaner

· check restriction indicator

· clean/change air cleaner element

* · change oil bath cleaner oil

□ Drain water/sediment from fuel tanks & fuel filters

Repeat “A”   (Daily/Weekly)

□ Change engine oil

□ Change filters

· oil filter

· fuel filter

□ Check coolant

· check engine coolant DCA concentration level. And make-up DCA and change element

□ Clean/change

· crankcase breather

* Clean oil bath air cleaner tray/screen

Repeat “A” & “B”

□ Adjust valves & injectors

* Clean oil bath air cleaner

Repeat “A”, “B” & “C”

□ Clean & calibrate injectors, fuel pump

□ Check and/or rebuild and/or replace the following assemblies:

· turbocharger

· vibration damper

· air compressor

□ Rebuild or replace the following assemblies:

· water pump

· water pump idler

· fan huf

□ Seasonal maintenance check



□ Replace hose as required

□ Check cold start & thermal  aids

□ Clean electrical connections and check batteries

□ Clean & flush cooling system




□ Steam clean engine

□ Tighten mounting bolts

□ Check crankshaft end clearance

□ Check heat exchanger zinc plugs annually or as required

□ Check over speed switch

Electrical Components

□ + Starter

□ + Alternator

□ + Batteries

□ + Voltage regulator

□ + Switches

□ + Gauges

□ + Tachometer


□ + On these components follow the manufacturer’s procedure

Engine Series







250 hours

1500 hours

4500 hours


6 months – 10000 miles/16000 kms

1 year – 60000 miles/96000 kms

2 years – 180000 miles/288000 kms

Note: Under circumstances where hours of operation are not accumulated at a fast rate, use calendar time. In other words, use hours, or calendar time, whichever comes first.

* Cummins Engine Company, Inc., recommends the use of dry type air cleaners.

Storage for Engine Out of Service

If an engine remains out of service and its use is not immediately forthcoming, special precautions should be taken to prevent rust.

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