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Checking Cooling, Intake and Exhaust System of Deutz Engine

Feb. 28, 2018

3. 8 Cooling system

Besides becoming kinetic energy to do work, the heat energy produced by the fuel burning in the combustion chamber of the engine also heats up the cylinder head and cylinder liner etc., therefore coolant cooling should be used to prevent them from overheating and guarantee the engine to work reliably in order.

3. 8. 1 Schematic drawing of the cooling system

The supercharged: inter - cooled diesel engine is equipped with supercharging air cooler (intercooler) ,which is positioned between the fan and radiator.

Schematic drawing of the cooling system.jpg

3. 8. 2 Main components of cooling system

Water pump: the pump is of centrifugal type. The vortex passage of water pump is settled at intermediate gasket, the water pump is integrated with the intermediate gasket and mounted at the front end face of cylinder block. The cooling water enters into cylinder block through intermediate gasket. The impeller diameter of water pump is 86mm or 110mm. Water pumps with different sizes should be chosen according to the applied speed and requisite cooling flow of the diesel engine.


Water outlet pipe: the structure of water outlet pipe has two forms, one is welded part;and another is cast part connected with intake manifold, the latter is applied to the following arrangement, i. e. the water outlet of cylinder head is located at the flange surface of intake and exhaust ports, and the adopted built - in thermostat inside the water outlet pipe. There is vent pipe (dia: 6mm) at the top of the water outlet, this pipe should be connected with expansion tank or the cavity of upper water chamber of radiator, gas in the cooling system is guided out via this pipe to prevent water overheating due to air resistance.


Thermostat: there are two kinds of thermostat types, one is outboard type and another is built - in type. Its opening temperature is 75cC. When the outlet temperature of cooling water is lower than opening temperature of the thermostat, the cooling water enters into water pump via the outlet for minor circulation of thermostat. and the temperature of cooling water is quickly raised to reach the water temperature which the diesel engine needed under normal operation; when the temperature of outlet water is higher than opening temperature, the thermostat opens till full opening, all or partial cooling water enters the cooler to be cooled, and then enters int water pump.

Radiator and fan: ( the radiator is supplied according to users contract)

The radiator is fin and tube radiator, its capacity is configured according to the quantity of heat removal. The fan is made of pressed metal sheet ; its diameter is 466, 520, 540 and 600mm. The fan can be mounted on water pump.

3.9 Intake & exhaust system

This system includes air cleaner, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, exhaust muffler, exhaust turbocharger ( for turbocharged diesel engine) , intercooler ( for turbocharged and inter-cooled diesel engine) and connecting pipes.

3. 9. 1 Intake

The intake air for the Deutz engine should be clean and enough, therefore the intake air must be filtered and the resistance in intake pipeline should be as small as possible.


Dry  type paper element air cleaner is applied t0 226B diesel engine for generating . The air cleaner with corresponding capacity should be chosen for the engine with different power, and the cleaner with different model should be chosen according to the dust content of ambient air in actual working site.


The dye type paper element filter usually has primary filter (it can make the air produce swirling flow) , paper cartridge and safety element, as well as auto dust - extracting. valve or exhaust arresting device installed after the primary filter to take off the dust from filtering. The resistance of the air cleaner should not be too big, the allowable max. resistance under its stained condition is 3kPa, and that under its stained condition is 5kPa. There is maintenance indicator mounted at the vent port of air cleaner, when red signal is given that means maintenance or replacement should be taken place in time, otherwise the performance and service life will be influenced.


In mounting the air cleaner and connecting pipe, users should pay attention to its sealing and reliability. Otherwise largely increased oil consumption, crankcase )low - by, decreased engine power, black smoke exhaust and so on would occur because that the filter lose its effectiveness and is in short circuit leading early wear of the engine and could not achieve the specified service life. It even causes the serious wear of cylinder liner and piston ring, and breakage of piston ring and cylinder scuffing.


The intake manifold of the engine is jointed by plates or cast by aluminum alloy , and there are various structures for it to safety the requirements of different diesel engines. When the intake manifold is mounted to the cylinder head, compound material gasket is used to aluminum manifold, while stainless steel gasket is used to jointed manifold. The stainless steel gasket should be mounted with its convex surface facing to the cylinder head. The tightening torque for tightening nut of intake manifold is 45 +5Nm.




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