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Check Deutz Engine Before Start

Mar. 22, 2018

5.2.2 check connection bolt

Check the bolts for Deutz diesel engine, generator, injector and intake/exhaust manifold and the connection of bolts and hoses, re tighten them if necessary. tighten cylinder head bolts

Loosen the cylinder head bolts about 1/4 of a rotation when engine warming, and then tighten them up with a force of 200+ 10 Nm immediately according to the sequence as the following figure.



5.2.3 check and tension the V-belt

Press the V-belt with hand, the distortion should not be more than 10-15mm, otherwise change the belt with a new one.

If tension the belt through generator, loose bolt 1 and bolt 2 firstly, stain the generator outwards, then tighten up bolt 1 and bolt 2 and check the belt by hand.

If tension the belt through tension pulley, loose the bolt 3 and bolt 4 on bracket 5, stain the tension pulley bracket, and then tighten up bolt 3 and 4 and then check the belt by hand.


Caution: Change the damage or oiled belt.


5.2.4 Change oil

A. Start the engine and stop it after reaching the operation temperature.

B. Place an oil tank under the engine.

C. Screw out the drainage screw plug 1, pay attention the seal ring on the screw plug.

D. Drain off all oil.

E. Screw on the screw plug 1 with seal ring.

F. Fill up clean oil. Replace oil filter

A. Disassemble the oil filter 1 with special wrench.

B. Coat some oil on the seal ring 2 and tighten up the oil filter by hand.

C. Check the oil filter for tightness in running -in.


5.2.5 Check valve clearance

A. Remove cylinder head cover.

B. Make the piston reached the firing TDC.

C. Check the clearance between rocker arm and gauge 1. adjust the clearance according with screw 3.

E. Holding the position of screw 3 and tighten nut 2.

F. Check the other clearance with feeler gauge 1.

G. Set up rocker arm cover and tighten the screws. The rocker arm cover seal side should be faced with the gasket.

Caution: Adjust valve clearance according to the firing order to avoid turning crankshaft unnecessarily.


5.2.6 Change fuel filter

1. close the valve on fuel circuit.

2. Turn the special tools of fuel counter-clockwise. Disassemble the fuel filter 1.

3. Before mounting new filter, coat lubricating oil on seal ring 2.

4. Tighten the new filter by hand.

5. Open the valve on fuel circuit.

6. Degas the fuel system.

7. Check the sealing of fuel filter.


5.2.7 Clean breather body

1. Loosen the hexagon nut or screw 1.

2. Loosen hose clip 2.

3. Disassemble breather body 3.

4. Pay attention to the O seal ring.

5. Clean the breather body in diesel.

6. Mount the breather body, change new O seal ring, if necessary.

7. Tighten the hose clip 2.

8. Tighten the hexagon nut or screw 1.


5.2.8 Clean intercooler


In the operation of intercooler, if enlarged cooled air resistance and the decreased difference in temperature affect the performance of diesel engine, the intercooler should be cleaned.


5.2.9 Run-in

If the engine is in standby or emergency state, run it once a month so as to prevent it from corrosion damage.

1. After starting, check the instrument meter at once, put 1/3 load on the engine.

2. After running for 10 minutes, increase to 3/4 load.

3. After running for another 10 minutes, increase to full load.

4. Check the sealing of the engine.

5. Run the engine at 1/3 load for 10 minutes.

6. Unload and stop the engine.


5.2.10 Engine maintenance

If the engine stops for a long time (for several weeks), the following protective measures must be taken so as to prevent it from corrosion damage:

Operating order:

1. Rinse the exterior of diesel engine.

2. Drain off the oil inside the engine and the fuel in injection pump.

3. Add corrosion preventive to the engine.

4. Drain off fuel.

5. Mix fuel oil and corrosion preventive on the scale of 9:1.

6. Fill the fuel tank with the mixture above.

7. Drain cooling water.

8. Add emulsifiable corrosion preventive to the cooling water according to the degree of 5%.

9. Add above compound to cooling system, and vent air from the system.

10. Start the engine and run it for 10 minutes.

11. Stop the engine and turn flywheel several circles to make the combustion chamber sufficiently wet.

12. Drain off cooling water.

13. Smear exposed parts of the engine with corrosion preventive grease.

14. Close the intake manifold and exhaust manifold.

15. Repeat the above operations after three months.


When the engine is demanded to put into service, you should:

1. Drain off corrosion preventive and mixed fuel.

2. Add fuel and coolant, vent air from the fuel system and cooling system.

3. Add fuel and coolant, vent air from the fuel system and cooling system.

4. Remove corrosion preventive grease on the exterior parts.

5. Open the ports of intake manifold and exhaust manifold.







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