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9 Diesel Generator Sets Doubts and Answers

Aug. 29, 2022

There are many users who are not very clear about the basic knowledge of diesel generator sets. Starlight will mainly answer the questions frequently reported by customers, hoping to help users, and welcome everyone to come and communicate.

diesel engine generator

1. What systems are included in the basic equipment of diesel generator sets?

Answer: The diesel generator set mainly includes six major systems, namely: (1) oil lubrication system; (2) fuel system; (3) control and protection system; (4) cooling and cooling system; (5) exhaust system; (6) ) to start the system.

2. The relationship between the apparent power, active power, rated power, maximum power and economic power of diesel generator sets?

Answer: The unit of apparent power is KVA, which is used in our country to express transformers and UPS (UPS is the abbreviation of Uninterruptiable Power Supply in English, translated as uninterruptible power supply.) Its basic function is: when the mains power supply is interrupted, it can supply power without interruption capacity.

The active power is 0.8 times the apparent power, and the unit is KW, which is used in power generation equipment and electrical equipment in our country.

The rated power of the diesel generator set refers to the power that can run continuously for 12 hours.

The maximum power is 1.1 times the rated power, but only 1 hour of use is allowed in 12 hours.

The economical power is 0.75 times the rated power, which is the output power of the diesel generator set that can run for a long time without time limit. When running at this power, the fuel economy is the most economical and the failure rate is the lowest.

3. How to calculate the optimal use power (economic power) of the generator set?

Answer: P best=3/4*P rated (ie 0.75 times rated power)

4. What is the power factor of the three-phase generator? Can a power compensator be added to improve the power factor?

Answer: The power factor is 0.8. No, because the charging and discharging of the capacitor will cause the fluctuation of the small power supply and the oscillation of the unit.

5. Why does the new machine need to replace the oil and oil filter after using it for a period of time?

Answer: Because the new machine will inevitably have impurities entering the oil pan during the running-in period, which will cause physical or chemical changes in the oil and oil filter.

6. Why should the exhaust pipe be inclined downward by 5-10 degrees when installing a diesel generator set?

Answer: The main purpose is to prevent rainwater from entering the exhaust pipe and cause major accidents.


7. Why is it required that the use site of diesel generating set must have smooth air?

Answer: The output of the diesel engine is directly affected by the quantity and quality of the air inhaled, and the generator must have sufficient air for cooling. Therefore, the use of the venue must be smooth air.

8. How to identify fake and shoddy domestic diesel engines?

Answer: First check whether there is a factory certificate and product certificate. They are the "identity certificate" of the diesel engine when it leaves the factory, and they are necessary. Check the three numbers on the certificate again

Nameplate number;

Body number (in kind, it is generally on the plane machined by the flywheel end, and the font is convex);

Pump nameplate number. Check these three major numbers with the actual numbers on the diesel engine, and they must be accurate. If any doubts are found, these three serial numbers can be reported to the manufacturer for verification.

9. Why the diesel generator set is not allowed to run for a long time under the condition of less than 50% of the rated power.

Answer: Because if it is running below 50% of the rated power, the oil consumption of the diesel generator set will increase, the diesel engine is easy to form carbon, the failure rate will be increased, and the overhaul period will be shortened.

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