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6 Protection Features of DVR2000E Regulator

Sep. 16, 2022

In the previous article, I described in detail what the DVR200E digital excitation regulator is, and this time we will focus on its six major protection features. DVR200E digital excitation regulator is an important part of the excitation control system and plays an important role in the stability of generator work. In recent years, my country has also made some remarkable achievements in the field of excitation regulators, that is, the production of digital excitation regulators. So, what are the characteristics of its complete protection function?

commercial generators

(1) Overexcitation shutdown (magnetic field voltage)

This function is enabled and disabled through the Marathon DVR2000E-32 software. When enabled, the magnetic field voltage exceeds the set point preset value of 80V DC, on the front panel and in the Windows or handheld operating system feature software. The over-magnetic shutdown indicator will flash, the relay output will be turned off after 15s, and the DVR2000E will be turned off. If the DVR2000E is powered on after the over-excitation is turned off, the over-excitation indicator will flash for 5s.

(2) Generator over-voltage shutdown

The DVR2000E monitors and detects the output voltage of the synchronous generator. If it exceeds the overvoltage setting point (a certain percentage of the rated value) for 0.75s, the generator overvoltage indicator on the front panel and in the Windows or handheld software flashes, The relay output is closed and the DVR2000E is turned off. When the DVR2000E is powered on, the generator overvoltage indicator flashes for 5s, and the preset setting point here is 120% of the rated value.

(3) DVR over temperature shutdown

The temperature detection function of the DVR2000E can continuously monitor the temperature of the voltage regulator. If the temperature exceeds 70°C, the DVR over-temperature light will flash and display in the Windows or handheld software, the relay output will be closed, and the DVR000E will be turned off.

(4) Generator detection lost

The DVR2000E can detect the voltage output of the generator, and will take protective action if the voltage loss is detected. For single-phase detection, when the detection voltage is less than 50% of the rated value, it is regarded as detection loss; for three-phase detection, when one phase is completely lost or the subtraction imbalance is greater than 20% of the rated value, it is regarded as detection loss. As mentioned above, when a loss is detected, the indicator light will flash or be displayed by the software, and the DVR2000E will be turned off. If the DVR2000E is turned on again, the detection loss indicator will flash for 5s.

(5) Overexcitation limit

The magnetic field current limit value of DVR2000E is 6.5A at the factory, which is adjustable from 0 to 7.5A with a time delay in the range of 0 to 10s. Both settings can be set through Windows or handheld operating software, and others are the same as before.

(6) Sharp short-circuit shutdown

A sharp short-circuit shutdown circuit protects the generator rotor from overcurrent damage and short circuit of the DVR2000E power switch. When it is running, if the magnetic field voltage setting point power and the gate pulse cannot be received within 1.5s, the abrupt short-circuit function will be activated, and the DVR2000E input power supply will be short-circuited, and the input power fuse will be blown and the voltage regulator will be removed. generator power to protect the generator.

Each of the above functions has a corresponding indicator light for closing the panel except for the sudden short circuit shutdown. When the function is activated, the front panel indicator light will be on, and the protection function of an action can also be realized by the system characteristic software of the handheld.

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