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5 Precautions for Diesel Generator Replacement Accessories

Aug. 10, 2022

What precautions should be taken when disassembling and replacing diesel generators to repair and replace parts? Diesel generators have been used for a long time, and some parts are worn out, so they need to be replaced. As everyone knows, some users do not pay attention to details in the case of replacement and replacement, and the common problems of diesel generators are aggravated. In this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will tell you about the maintenance and replacement of diesel generator parts. There are 5 things that everyone should pay attention to.

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1. Hygiene phenomenon

In the case of replacing parts and components of diesel generators, attention must be paid to environmental sanitation to prevent the parts from being contaminated with dust and debris. Otherwise, the wear and tear of spare parts will be aggravated, and the diesel engine will burn the bushes and hold the shaft in serious cases, causing serious property losses to users.

2. Universal phenomenon of spare parts

The same type of diesel generator, the same type of diesel engine, its spare parts are not all universal, but also to check the fuselage number of its diesel engine, each device has its own fuselage number , Matching accurate spare parts can prevent diesel generator spare parts from being assembled together poorly.

3. Professional skills

When the diesel generator is repaired to the diesel engine body, the technical level of the professional is unqualified, which will cause 2 common problems of the engine. For example, the valve clearance, bearing clearance, etc. of diesel engines all require the careful operation of professionals.

4. The phenomenon of paired dismantling

The diesel engine, the power source of the diesel generator, needs to be replaced in pairs when some parts are replaced. Instead of just dismantling the broken one. For example, the injector needle valve coupler, plunger coupler, oil outlet coupler, etc. must be replaced in pairs. If only one is replaced, it may cause the diesel engine to be damaged twice, and finally be completely destroyed, which will suffer a big loss.

5. Wrong installation and missing installation

Diesel generator is a very complex power generation system. There are thousands of diesel engine parts. When installing, it should not be installed backwards, wrongly installed, or missing. Otherwise, the diesel generator will not start.

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