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4 Stages of Diesel Generator Sets in Combustion Process

Aug. 31, 2022

The combustion process of diesel generator sets is generally divided into four stages: ignition delay period, rapid burning period, slow burning period and post-burning period. In these four stages, the specific performance of each combustion stage is different. Starlight will take you to understand the performance of each combustion stage, so as to help customers figure out what working state the unit is in.

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1. The ignition delay period refers to a series of physical and chemical preparation processes from the start of fuel injection to ignition, during which it undergoes a series of physical and chemical preparation processes such as spraying, heating evaporation, diffusion, mixing and initial oxidation. It is an important parameter of the combustion process and has a direct impact on the characteristics of the combustion and heat release process of the generator.

2. The fuel injected into the combustion chamber during the ignition delay period burns almost at the same time during the rapid combustion period, so the heat release rate is very high and the pressure rise is also very fast.

3. The combustion of the fuel in the retard phase depends on the speed of mixing. Therefore, strengthening the air disturbance in the combustion chamber and accelerating the mixing of air and fuel play an important role in ensuring that the fuel burns quickly and completely near the top dead center.

4. The mixing and combustion time of the unit is very short, so that some fuels cannot be burned in time near the top dead center, and the heat released in the later stage of the expansion stroke cannot be fully utilized. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid fuel combustion in the post-combustion period as much as possible.

Among the four stages, the first three stages are the main stages of fuel combustion in diesel generator sets. During operation, it is necessary to ensure that the fuel is burned out in time in these three stages, so as to make full use of the fuel and achieve the best working efficiency of the generator set.

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