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4 Aspects of Routine Maintenance of Generator Set Maintenance

Aug. 10, 2022

The generator set is usually selected by companies as an emergency when the mains power is cut off. The routine maintenance of the generator set plays a core value in the selection of the generator set at a critical juncture. To this end, the user should do a good job in the routine maintenance of the generator set, so that the generator set tends to be in a good emergency state at all times. Starlight Power Generation Equipment briefly introduces the four aspects of routine maintenance of generator set maintenance.

genset generator

1. When the generator set is in emergency mode, it should always check the voltage of the ignition battery, the liquid level, the specific gravity of the electrolyte and the situation of the battery pile head. When the voltage of the ignition battery is found to be low, the ignition battery should be charged as soon as possible. When charging, you should strictly follow the charging instructions. When charging, strictly follow the battery's instruction manual to prevent damage to the ignition battery.

2. The generator set should be tested with no-load at an interval of two weeks, but during the no-load test, it is best not to exceed 15 minutes on each specific day, especially when the temperature of the engine cooling water is low, it is better not to specify too many days to prevent the formation of carbon deposits in the inner layer of the engine and the black oil flow in the exhaust pipe due to the low engine temperature and incomplete fuel combustion.

3. When it is found that the liquid level of the electrolyte is less than the standard, it should be filled as soon as possible. When filling, only distilled water or battery refill should be added. Dilute sulfuric acid must not be added at any time, otherwise the specific gravity of the electrolyte will become higher and higher. , causing battery damage.

4. For the generator set with computer control screen, and the generator set with independent charger, the charger must be kept in the starting mode, so as to prevent the battery from losing power due to the long-term selection of electricity on the computer control screen. If there is no computer control screen and you choose a manual charger, in the case of a failure of the spark battery, you must charge the spark battery once every two weeks.

The generating set is used as the application layer of the emergency backup power supply after the mains failure and power outage. Basically, the generator set tends to be shut down in an emergency mode. Otherwise, the emergency unit will lose its value! How can this be achieved. Actual proof: Strengthening routine maintenance is a more cost-effective and efficient solution. Because the unit tends to be static for a long time, the various materials of the unit will undergo various chemical and oxidation reactions with oil, cooling water, diesel, air, etc., resulting in the breakdown of the unit.

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