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3D Fluid Simulation Technology of Diesel Engines

Dec. 01, 2023

Engine 3D fluid simulation technology is a virtual simulation experimental system that integrates physics, chemistry, mechanics, electrical, and computer technology. Engine 3D virtual simulation is the use of numerical methods on a computer or server to solve the conservation processes of mass, momentum, energy, and chemical components that describe the flow, heat transfer, atomization, mixing, and combustion processes of an engine, and to express them through curves or images. The main contents of engine 3D virtual simulation technology include: intake pipeline and cylinder flow state, cylinder atomization mixing state, cylinder wall heat transfer state, cylinder combustion process and turbulent combustion state, real-time generation and concentration distribution of harmful emissions in the cylinder.

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The 3D fluid simulation technology for engines mainly uses four software:

1) FLUENT, a flow simulation software, is used to simulate the flow state in the intake pipeline and cylinder, providing flow analysis that promotes mixing and combustion processes in the cylinder;

2) In cylinder spray simulation software STAR-CD is used to test the status of in cylinder spray;

3) AVLFIRE, an in cylinder heat transfer simulation software, is used to simulate the heat transfer status of the cylinder wall surface;

4) The cylinder combustion and emission generation simulation software KIVA3V is used for simulating the cylinder combustion process and emission generation process.

The first three software mentioned above construct a calculation model based on the engine structure, input engine operating conditions and operating boundary conditions, and perform simulation calculations; The fourth software simulates calculations by inputting its own operating equations and boundary conditions.

The vast majority of engine cylinder combustion processes are turbulent combustion processes. Due to the complexity and variability of cylinder turbulence, with the development of computer technology, the analysis of cylinder turbulent combustion processes can more accurately simulate cylinder combustion processes. Based on the multi zone combustion process of cylinder combustion, Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) are necessary analytical methods. This platform uses DNS simulation software Converge for turbulent combustion simulation.

The engine 3D fluid simulation technology is based on a commercial or open source simulation system, which can realize the rapid and stable simulation image description of the engine intake flow process. Combined with the simulation of the mixing state of spray in the cylinder, the 3D image results can be obtained; Has the characteristics of low cost, fast speed, and complete information; Provided researchers with the cylinder flow and atomization mixing states under various engine operating conditions and control strategies, and provided technical guidance for optimizing control strategies; At the same time, it can conduct simulation experiments on the heat transfer status, combustion process, and harmful emission generation in the cylinder under all operating conditions of the engine, analyze, estimate, and evaluate the power performance, fuel economy, and emission characteristics of the engine, evaluate and optimize the engine control strategy, achieve efficient and clean combustion that reduces engine pumping loss, heat loss, and harmful emission generation, and improve the quality of cylinder mixture, energy utilization, and combustion efficiency, Understanding the complex physical and chemical processes of engines is of great significance and practical value.

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