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10 Bad Starting Habits of Generator Sets

Sep. 01, 2022

The startup and operation of a diesel generator set seems to be a simple operation, but there are still many details that need everyone's attention. Starlight has learned that many operators have bad startup habits. The following is a list of ten common bad habits. I hope you can avoid them as much as possible after understanding.

diesel generator set

(1) Start without water: After the diesel generator catches fire, adding cooling water will easily cause the body parts to heat up too quickly and accelerate wear; adding cold water to a hot car may also cause the body to burst.

(2) The motor starts for a long time: the starting time of the motor is too long, and the battery is discharged for a long time with a large current, which is easy to cause the plate to bend; excessive discharge is easy to cause the plate to vulcanize, and the battery is scrapped.

(3) High voltage starting: In order to increase the motor speed, blindly connect two batteries in series to supply power to the motor. Not only is it easy to cause the motor to overspeed, generate centrifugal force, and accelerate the damage to the bearing bush, rotor and stator coil, but also because the technical status of the two batteries is different, the good battery is charged to the bad battery, which is easy to damage the good battery.

(4) Increase the capacity to start: connect two batteries in parallel to supply power to the motor, the current is doubled, and a large amount of heat is generated, which is likely to cause burning of the start switch, motor contacts, starting wires, rotor and stator coils and fire.

(5) Traction start: The cold car is forced to run, which is easy to aggravate the wear and tear of the transmission mechanism and the traveling mechanism and mechanical accidents.

(6) Starting on a slope: Because the diesel engine has not been preheated, the lubricating oil has high viscosity and poor lubrication, which is easy to aggravate the wear and tear of the locomotive, and it is more likely to cause a car accident due to brake failure.

(7) Start by suction fire: When suction fire, it is necessary to remove the air filter so that the external dust can directly enter the cylinder. It is easy to produce knocking and cause damage to the body; it is easy to increase carbon deposits, accelerate the wear of cylinders, pistons, and piston rings, resulting in power reduction.

(8) Start by injecting gasoline into the intake pipe: This method is very dangerous. After the diesel engine catches fire, it is easy to produce knock, which will increase the impact load of the moving parts and damage the parts; it is also easy to cause flying cars, carbon deposits and instantaneous overheating of the diesel engine.

(9) Starting the car with an open flame: Preheating the car with an open flame in winter is prone to fire; the circuit is burned out; the oil pan is cracked; the local temperature is high, which is easy to deteriorate the oil.

(10) Start with the maximum throttle: start with the throttle at the maximum position, which will easily cause too much fuel injected into the cylinder, and the mixture is too rich, making it more difficult to start; after starting, the speed increases sharply, which is likely to cause damage and wear of the parts.

The existence of bad habits not only accelerates the depreciation of the unit, but also easily causes unnecessary losses and waste. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal functioning of the generator set, it is hoped that the operators will develop good habits and abide by the operating rules.

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